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The Jagrati Foundation is a Non-Government Organization based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, established in 2014. We are an in-house rehabilitation and treatment center and through our residential program we cater to treatment of people suffering from addiction – alcoholics, drug addicts, substance abusers, chemical dependents – and in addition also offer suitable treatment for people suffering from psychiatric illnesses and behavioral disorders. In our all-rounded approach to this dreaded “disease” we not only focus on the recovery from the damage caused physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually but highly emphasize on the transition back to “normal” life.

Our addiction treatment model is based on the internationally acclaimed 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). In addition to that, we also have in-house self-help groups with yoga & meditation, further enhanced by motivational, inter-personnel and recreational therapies. And, most importantly, counseling – group as well as individual (one-to-one) – aimed at addressing the patients' issues and problems areas in a group environment as well as in personal space.

The line of treatment at our rehabilitation center goes through a regular routine involving everything from basic personal responsibilities to various creative activities and educative lectures, while still managing to take time out for personal hobbies as well as leisure. An alcoholic / addict is taught how to transition back to a normal routine and lifestyle leading to a healthy personal, family, social and professional lifestyle – something he lacks in his addiction-driven existence. The routine and schedule is well structured providing an all-round atmosphere for learning, self-discovery, analysis and planning for the road ahead, beginning with him getting to know himself better and hence having a real chance to fix himself. Visits by motivational guest speakers, recovering addicts and professionals in the field add to the learning experience.

Medical science, despite years of research is yet to find a "cure" for addiction. It is a disease that, at best, can be arrested. This is a solution to this ailment that has gripped millions in its clutches across the globe. We at Jagrati Foundation do not try and control addiction through medicines or drugs. We imply the tools of Counseling, Meditation & Yoga, and Psychology to help the suffering alcoholic / addict realize the unnatural nature of substance abuse and help him fight his craving, mental attraction and obsession towards alcohol, drugs and psychotropic substances.

At Jagrati Foundation we have a dedicated group of skilled, talented and motivated individuals who work diligently to deliver the optimum result against the treatment of drug / alcohol addiction. Our team of skilled and experienced counselors have valuable training and experience from institutions of international acclaim such as the National Institute of Social Defence (NISD) under the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment (Government of India) and Society for Promotion of Youth & Masses (SPYM). In addition to the above we also have a team of well trained, full-time, round-the-clock staff. Our external panel also comprises a group of professional psychologists and psychiatrists practicing in the field of drug de-addiction and detoxification.

From the Desk of the Director

“When I was first forced away from my addiction I never thought I could stay away from it for long. Yes, I always wanted to get rid of the disastrous effects it had had on my life but quitting for the rest of my life seemed impossible! Several years into recovery, and after seeing so many addicts – who never thought they could – recover from this disease, I still see that the initial reaction of almost every addict still remains the same. Our mission is to turn this seemingly impossible task into a well-adjusted way of life.

Shri Preet Mohan Kohli
The Jagrati Foundation

Our mission: to change the life of those, who have no hope!

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