Recovery from active addiction is an uphill task. From addiction confession to abstinence is a never-ending journey for addicts. Pre-assessment of the problem, severity of the addiction and possible treatment options are common queries when seeking treatment through detox and rehabilitation.

Here we try to answer some of the regular question that patients or their family have in mind while considering rehabilitation and de-addiction treatment.

Q. How does Addiction Rehabs Function?

Treatment at rehab is a multi-stage process and may vary depending on the severity of patient’s addiction, his/her current health and mental status. Generally the process of addiction treatment works stage-wise as below:

a) Detoxification

The first step in the de-addiction process is biological detoxification of drugs and/or alcohol from the patients’ body. Depending on the severity of addiction appropriate medication along with counselling is provided to the patients to safely remove the influence of toxicity from their body. The medication would depend on the substance that the patient abused along with their physical and emotional status. Usually the patient undergoes through drug and/or alcohol withdrawal symptoms once consumption is stopped. The intensity of these symptoms can appropriately be managed through the right medicines along with the emotional support required at this critical stage of Detoxification.

Detoxification is the first step towards treatment.

b) Rehabilitation

Actual rehabilitation (rehab) begins once detoxification is complete. A drastic changeover of living habits, behavioural alteration and therapy (group and individual) helps patient recognize their root cause of addiction. Once the reasons for addiction are detected a patient strategically works to address these issues. Such a therapy would strengthen patient’s willpower and prepares him/her to cope with temptation.

Rehabilitation would ideally include steps towards spiritual awakening. Realization of the damages caused under the influence of addiction becomes the basis of healing.

c) Aftercare Therapy

After the rehab period is complete aftercare in the treatment becomes extremely essential to successfully keep the patient away and far from his addiction. Hence, long-term post-treatment care becomes the basis of permanent recovery. Aftercare therapy includes attending Support Group (AA/NA) meetings, ongoing therapy along with psychological boosting.

Q. What is the duration of Addiction Treatment or Rehabilitation?

Treatment ideally depends on the condition of the patient in terms of the severity of his/her addiction. However, it has been observed that an ideal time period for rehab is 150 days. During this period a patient is detoxified and his/her withdrawal symptoms are eased. In couple of week time the sanity is regained and the patient is able to think and do things again with normalcy.

In some of the severe cases the treatment period needs to be extended. Patients with severe psychological damages or with extreme deniability may need some extra duration of treatment. Moreover, some of the patients with not such severe addiction problem may get cured within a shorter treatment timeline.

Q. What all happens during Rehab period?

Rehab is another term for treatment of the acute disease known as ‘addiction’. Once the disease is recognized in a person then a strategic treatment for the patient is planned based on his/her severity of addiction.

During the time of admission in our rehab patients can bring with needful items like clothing, toiletries etc. In other words things of daily need.

During their stay at our rehab the patients are encouraged to improve their physical fitness by participating in P.T and Exercise. Each day an hour or so is dedicated for PT. Moreover, Yoga therapy is also quintessential part of our program. Patients who are willing may also participate in outdoor sports like Badminton and even physical sports like Kabaddi (popular Indian field sport) and Wrestling. This improves their physical capacity to cope with life with much more conviction.

Family visitations are allowed after a few days of admission. Infact, family visitation is an important part of the treatment process and need to be timed perfectly.

Q. What is the difference between Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab center?

Basically, addiction whether from alcohol or drugs (synthetic or natural) tends to bring similar effects emotional and/or physically. Largely the treatment for both conditions is more or less the same. The primary difference in their treatment is how their respective withdrawal symptoms are handled. This is addressed through counselling and detoxification. Otherwise, the line of treatment for the conditions is practically the same. Psychological and physical build-up, strengthening of will power etc and introduction to spiritual program NA/AA has brought the most effective results for either drug or alcohol addicts.