He was your brown-eyed boy; she was your glam-diva. He was your knight in shining armor; she was your angel. You could rely on them. You went to them for advice. You looked up to them…

What happened to them? Where have they gone? Although you live under the same roof, it seems that miles separate you from them. You can now see that their addiction means more to them than you. They are your loved ones – your son, daughter, brother, sister, lover, partner, etc.

Believe us. They still love you.

It’s just that they are in the grip of a terrible illness – the disease of addiction that has distorted their thinking.

And we know that YOU still love them. Remember you looked up to them. It’s time to look after them. Please look after them now to recover from this illness.

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"Ahluwalia House"
Vill. and P.O. Sinola,
Mussoorie Road,
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