de addiction helpThe disease of addiction, unlike other diseases is extraordinary in itself – it makes one believe nothing is wrong with him! At Jagrati Foundation an essential part of our treatment is counseling – group therapy and individual one-to-one counseling. The suffering alcoholic / addict has to see and assess his problem, recognize and accept it as his own problem – to the core – and only then can there be any progress towards a solution to his current degraded situation due to addiction. Be it issues regarding family, business, professional life, society, finances, education, spirituality or even legal issues. – the list is unending. For this our counselors “invest” a huge amount of precious time with the alcoholic / addict guiding him on his own journey of self-analysis, self-examination, self-discovery, leading to self-realization. Not only is this an important exercise for the suffering alcoholic / addict but it also plays a vital role in the recovery of the diseased person's family and his near-and-dear ones who are equally affected by this disease of addiction. After all, “Years of living with an alcoholic or an addict is almost sure to make any wife or child neurotic. The entire family is, is to some extent, is ill.”

“What we want most is to feel good about ourselves.” Very truly said, and our prime objective here for a recovering addict – to learn to love himself.

Outpatient counseling is another area where we provide our service. Our team of counselors and panel of psychologists and psychiatrists are very active in providing counseling to addicts who require this help but are unable to devote the time and resources for the entire residential treatment process with us. The addict, along with his parents and/or spouse, is helped with counseling with the aim of reaching a solution to their problems that has led him down this path of addiction.

addiction counseling

We also provide our services for detoxification depending upon the physical condition of the patient when brought in to us. Our Detoxification Unit consists of physicians, as well as doctors and medical professionals on our panel, who provide dedicated 24-hour detoxification wherein a patient’s immediate physical recovery and harm minimization from the effect of drugs and alcohol is addressed. This does not have any pre-specified duration and is handled solely on a case-by-case basis depending majorly on the physical condition of the patient at the time of admission.

Our treatment program is not rigid and closed to change or variation. We customize our program according to the individual patient’s needs and problems, and towards the best possible way to help him on his newfound path of recovery to lead a fulfilling and complete life – the sober way of living.

Transition and After-care

addiction recovery

Of utmost and critical importance is the transition back into the old environment and surroundings minus the addict’s addiction. After taking the treatment in a secure and safe environment of a rehabilitation center, an addict has to get his life back to “normalcy” – get a job, get back to work, spend time with family, friends, etc. This is a huge step for an addict – to return to his “old life” minus his addiction. Though it may seem a very simple task, it can be an extremely tough and trying time for the newly sober addict. This has, time and again, proved to be a virtual landmine for an addict with very less recovery time, and has proved fatal on too many counts. We at Jagrati Foundation prepare, assist and encourage the addict to overcome this seemingly impossible task. Our association with the addict and his family does not end when his treatment is completed with us. In fact, the relationship has just begun! Our phone lines are never too busy for a recovering addict in his hour of need, nor our doors ever closed for him. Always remember, “An addict alone is in bad company."