Transition & Aftercare

Transition and After-care

addiction recovery

Of utmost and critical importance is the transition back into the old environment and surroundings minus the addict’s addiction. After taking the treatment in a secure and safe environment of a rehabilitation center, an addict has to get his life back to “normalcy” – get a job, get back to work, spend time with family, friends, etc. This is a huge step for an addict – to return to his “old life” minus his addiction. Though it may seem a very simple task, it can be an extremely tough and trying time for the newly sober addict. This has, time and again, proved to be a virtual landmine for an addict with very less recovery time, and has proved fatal on too many counts. We at Jagrati Foundation prepare, assist and encourage the addict to overcome this seemingly impossible task. Our association with the addict and his family does not end when his treatment is completed with us. In fact, the relationship has just begun! Our phone lines are never too busy for a recovering addict in his hour of need, nor our doors ever closed for him. Always remember, “An addict alone is in bad company."