Types of Drugs

Drugs of Abuse and Modes of Intake

1. Narcotics Analgesic

Opium - oral, inhalation

Opium Derivatives - Morphine and Codeine Heroin (Brown Sugar, Smack) - Injection, chasing, smoking, snorting

Buprenorphine - oral, injection

Dextropropoxyphene (Spasmoproxyvon) - oral, injection

Pentazocine (Fortwin) - injection


2 . Stimulants (Drugs that speed up the action of the body)

Cocaine - smoking, injection, snorting

Amphetamines - oral, injection, smoking

Tobacco - smoking, chewing


3. Depressants (Drugs that slow down the action of the body)

Barbiturates - oral

Benzodiazepines - (diazepam, bromazepam ) oral, injection

Alcohol - oral

Promethazine - (Phenergan) - oral, injection

Pheniramine (Avil) - oral, injection


4. Hallucinogens

LSD - oral

Phencyclidine (PCP) - smoking, oral, injection, snorting

Mescaline - oral


5. Cannabis

Ganja - smoking

Hashish / Charas / Dope / Weed - smoking, sniffing

Bhang - oral


6. Solvents

Adhesives, Fluids, Nail Polish Remover, Thinners, Petroleum Derivatives - inhalation, sniffing

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